Organizers of CCTA 2017 are happy to announce that coordination of hotel room sharing will be facilitated to the extent possible for student attendees. This will reduce the cost of rooms for students who do not mind being matched up with other student attendees. It is expected that all students who attend the CCTA 2017 register for the conference (see registration information on this website).

The process will involve an exchange of information with the CCTA Events Chair, Prof. Gary Yen, who will subsequently suggest "matches" for possible room sharing based on the information received. Once agreement is reached by participating parties, students will register for their hotel room in the usual way, where one credit card would be provided to secure the room for two guests (but in one name).

If you are a student and are interested in exploring options for room sharing at CCTA 2017, please send an email before June 1 to Prof. Gary Yen. Soon after that date instructions will follow via email as room sharing is coordinated.

More details will be updated on this page by June 1, so please visit back.